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Evaluating Failed Surgeries

The reasons why some spinal surgeries fail usually fall into three categories:

One: The diagnosis was wrong: the problem is affecting a nerve and is not in the spine

Two: The surgery was technically inadequate: this means that the surgeon did not actually accomplish what was planned or the plan was wrong or insufficient.

Three: There has been a recurrence: the original surgery worked for a brief period but the problem has re-occured.

Among the most significant problems facing a patient who has had a bad outcome afer spine surgery is the difficulty of getting the original surgeon to identify what is wrong and correct it. Many spine surgeons prefer not to do any surgery on a patient who has had spine surgery once before.

At the Center for Advanced Spinal Neurosurgery in Santa Monica, California, Dr. Filler is highly committed to helping patients with failed surgery. Using advanced diagnostic imaging techniques, as well as new minimally invasive surgical methods, many difficult spinal problems can be solved.

Having completed an advanced Spinal Neurosurgery Fellowship and having personally developoed several new treatment techniques, Dr. Filler can offer the best spinal neurosurgery available anywhere. He is committed to finding the solution to diffiicult spinal surgical problems.

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