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Help For Your Spine

The spine can be affected by arthritis, degenerative wear and tear problems affecting the joints and disks, as well as a variety of other abnormalities that cause pain, numbness and weakness. Problems in the low back or lumbar spine can affect the leg and foot, while problems in the cervical spine of the neck can affect the arms and hands.

Modern spinal care is very complex. When surgery is needed, patients should seek out highly trained experts. Dr. Filler is a former director of the Comprehensive Spine Program at UCLA and is an associate of the Institute for Spinal Disorders at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. He is the author of a widely read book about spinal problems from Oxford University Press and is one of the worlds leading experts in spinal surgery.

Through the Center for Advanced Spinal Neurosurgery in Santa Monica, Dr. Filler offers a complete range of spinal surgery. His expertise includes fusion surgery and artificial disk surgery. In addtion, he specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients who have already had spine surgery but who had a bad result from surgery. When pain and nerve symptoms are not relieved or are made worse by spine surgery, there is often a correctable problem that explains the failure and Dr. Filler is expert in finding what needs to be fixed.


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